The gold price on Thursday slashed in cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. The gold rate in the national capital for 22 carat has remained at 45,900 and that of 24-carat gold is at 49,900.

The gold rate in Chennai is at 45,000 per 10 gram of 22 carat and 24-carat gold is at 49,090.

In Kolkata, the gold rate is at 45,800 per 10 gram of 22 carat and the rate of 10 gramof 24 carat is at 49,560.

The rate of gold in Mumbai is 44,720 for 10 gm of 22 carat and 45,720 fpr 10 gm of 24 carat.

The prices of gold and silver have weakened at global markets, thus making the domestic prices in India also weak. The spot gold rate today ( 45,710) decreased by 133.0 from yesterday ( 45,720). It was lower than the previous week average of 45837.1 by 0.28%.

The spot gold rate remained low in Indian market although the global gold prices saw a growth of 0.05%.

People generally buy gold on the occassion of Akshaya Tritiya which will be celebrated on Friday. Akshaya Tritiya is considered an auspicious time to make investments or start new ventures that are considered to bring good fortune.