Tata Group plans to invest in digital, high-end electronics and healthcare in a post-pandemic world,(health sector etf)  the $100 billion conglomerate's chairman said on Thursday. 


Tata, whose operations span hotels, steel, airlines, electronic goods, and (health sector etf)   technology services, will also place big bets on electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery storage, N Chandrasekaran, who is also known as Chandra, (health sector etf)   added."When you look at trends for the future, definitely there are clear signs you can pick up. Anything that is digital, we're making a big bet on," Chandra told the Reuters Next conference.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology, changing the way people live, work and consume as well as how companies operate, he (health sector etf)   added. Tata has already made public its intent to launch an umbrella app enabling access to all its consumer businesses, Chandra said, in a concept borrowed from China where apps such as Alipay allow everything from hotel bookings to e-commerce

Tata is also building an online business-to-business platform. The owner of British luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is placing big bets on electric vehicles as (health sector etf)    well as on battery storage and renewable energy for consumer and industrial use."We are very serious about electric vehicles," Chandra said, (health sector etf)   adding that Tata is investing in developing clean technology cars at home through Tata Motors and at JLR

Automakers are investing in EVs, largely driven by tighter government regulations on polluting vehicles, with Tesla, now the world's most valuable car company, (health sector etf)  readying plans to launch in India this year. Chandra said the adoption of technology and shift in consumer and corporate behavior will lead to the creation of new and shared workplaces closer to where people live.


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