Software major Wipro has won a strategic digital and IT partnership deal from global wholesaler (Wipro share)  METRO AG, valued at $700 million for the first 5 years. It could extend to an additional 4 years, with a potential spend of up to $1 Billion, making it the biggest deal win since Thierry Delaporte took charge as CEO a few months ago.  (Wipro share)


As a part of this, Wipro will take over the IT units of METRO AG — METRO-NOM GMBH in Germany and METRO Systems Romania S.R.L. Through this partnership, more than 1,300 employees across Germany, Romania, and India will transfer to Wipro.   (Wipro share) 

“METRO AG is focused  (Wipro share)  on leveraging digital transformation for competitive advantage. Wipro’s role is to make that transformation efficient and effective. Equally important for us is welcoming 1,300 new colleagues to Wipro and ensuring this move is positive and empowering for each of them," said Wipro CEO Thierry Delaporte. (wipro share)

At the same time, METRO AG CIO Timo Salzsieder said, "Partnering with Wipro allows us to simplify and streamline our IT landscape, and critically gives us access to innovation and the best digital practices."    (Wipro share)