The year 2020 will go down in history as literally the most unprecedented year this planet has ever seen. For the first time, from my perspective, it’s hard for me to say where we are headed or what’s in store for the year ahead. This is a test for the human race, and I am confident that we will find a way.  


Cycles Of Life
We have always experienced cycles, be it business or health cycles or epidemic cycles. Every cycle has its intensity and effects. However, as these cycles get more entrenched, humans have the ability to rise above and deal with problems through creativity and agility.  
(ratan tata)  

A few decades ago, HIV was considered the killer of all humanity. But when we look back, we invested in research and used all our intellectual might to conquer the virus. And we succeeded. (ratan tata)  

Collective Responsibility Towards The Vulnerable

As we go through the economic cycle, it will be important for us to remind 
(ratan tata)   ourselves of the migrant laborers who paid heavily for the loss of lives and livelihoods during the early days at the start of the pandemic. This is because they had no choice. 

The one thing they do have, which we as a country must recognise, protect, and value, is their skills, which no one else could replace in their absence. If we build an ecosystem that can protect and grow this community based on their skills, then we will emerge prosperous as a nation. 

The current government is doing a great job of recognizing the need for skilling and making the right investments to build platforms that enable this community to apply their skills and to gain new ones.  (ratan tata)  This cycle alone can boost economic progress and drive significant development to the community and improve their lives and livelihoods.

As we enter in 2021, we must think about a few things:

  • Let’s not take the universe for granted,
  • There is a large power that governs us. Let’s learn to live with humility and gratitude, as life is uncertain. We must do our best to keep ourselves safe by co-creating solutions that address all humankind. (ratan tata)  
  • Technology is transforming the way we eat, live, learn and play — let us be brave enough to embrace it and find solutions collectively through  (ratan tata)   collaboration.
  • And lastly, to be part of this high world transformation that is happening around us, we need to foster a culture of innovation that converges with the right investment without fear of failure.