On the one hand, the American people are being traded with over a million corona cases per day. Leading pharma company Pfizer, on the other hand, has made a promising announcement that their vaccine trials have made significant progress in relation to the corona epidemic building. With this, the American stock markets plummeted.


Pfizer said preliminary analysis indicated that more than 90 percent of the final trials of the coronavirus vaccine were positive. With this, the Dow Jones gained 1500 points and Nasdaq are on a similar path.

The UK market FTSE 100 also jumped 4 percent. Other European markets gained more than 5 percent. Investors buying is seen in shares of almost all sectors. Mainly travel companies are dealing with profits. British Airways owner IAG alone rose 26 percent.

While the world was waiting for the vaccine, Pfizer brought the good news to the American people about the vaccine that was developed by the German pharmaceutical manufacturer BioNtech. Pfizer has previously announced that the vaccine will be available by November