ULIP is a great option for investors looking to take advantage of long-term investments in equities. This allows investors to make systematic investments in the equity market and sustain that investment in the long run. The New Age Ulip is an updated version of its earlier incarnation and is more effective in terms of price.

The Insurance Authority and the life insurance sector have made   positive changes in ULIPs in the last few years, giving customers more value and benefits.

The most important change for consumers has been in terms of fees. 
The maximum annual rates on ULIPs have been reduced, and the combined
charges for a 10-year plan cannot exceed 12% per annum. Today, life insurance companies charge very low distribution fees.
Now the fund management fee does not exceed 1.35 per cent. In fact, some ULIPs have very low FSCs. Some ULIPs based on equity have an FMC of
 15 per cent, while debt-based ULIPs charge as low as 95 per cent.

Surrender charges have alsobeen changed a lot. There is no charge if the customer returns the 
ULIP afterfive years. These changes, which offer both life insurance as well as a powerful investment tool,
are making Ulip a viable investment option for retail investors in the new era.

Ulip's online availability and response to this feature is indicative of future changes.
Life insurance companies are making their plans availablein a way that will be easy for new age investors to buy.  
These companies areproviding simple online calculators to allay customers' investment doubts.
At the same time, customers can understand the charges,benefit analysis and
many more things with a few clicks.