The board of Vedanta Limited has announced an Interim Dividend to shareholders two weeks after the attempt to delist from the stock market failed. According to the board, shareholders will be given an interim dividend of Rs 9.5 per share. The company informed the stock exchange that the Board of Directors has approved a proposal to pay an interim dividend of 950 percent on the face value of Rs 1 per share for the financial year 2020-21, which is Rs 3,500 crore. Will happen.

Dividend will be paid on time as per law
Interim dividend will be paid from 31 October 2020. Vedanta Limited said that as per the law,
the shareholders will be paid dividend within the stipulated time. Vedanta had announced on
October 10 that his cell to be delisted had failed. Explain that any company needs at least
90 percent to get delisted from the capital market. Vedanta Limited was able to raise only 83% of
the shares, which means that the share required to be delisted was reduced by 7%.

40,000 crore loan to be repaid to Vedanta Resources Limited
Vedanta Resources Ltd. (Vedanta Resources Ltd.), the parent company of Vedanta, is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Explain that he has a debt of over 40,000 crore rupees
($ 6.7 billion). After the failure of Vedanta's delisting offer, Anil Aggarwal now wants to raise funds from his other subsidiaries in India to repay this debt. In view of this,
we want to repay the debt of VRL from the surplus cash of the revenue and inter-corporate loan from the dividend.

Hindustan Zinc announced dividend last week
Hindustan Zinc, owned by Vedanta Ltd, has announced a dividend of Rs 21.30 per share to its investors after the September 2020 quarter results were announced. This amount is close to Rs 9,000 crore. Vedanta got most of the dividend in this, as Vedanta owner Anil Agarwal owns 65 percent in Hindustan Zinc. Vedanta promoter Anil Agarwal holds 274.31 crore sharesin Hindustan Zinc, valued at Rs 5,843 crore as of September 30