Biofil Chemicals stock has given strong gains over the past one year. Pharma stocks rose nearly 28-fold during this period. The investor who had invested Rs 1 lakh in the stock on November 13 last year has risen to Rs 28.50 lakh today.


The stock market is a risk. Miracles happen here if you take a little risk. For this, along with patience, following the market trend from time to time is the key to success.

The stock markets are currently trading at record levels. However, if some shares are bought, they are likely to become scorpion gold.

Having such shares will protect you at crucial times like a good friend. In fact it didn’t take long to get unexpected gains in the stock market. For example, a stock changes its investment from just Rs 1 lakh to Rs 28.5 lakh in a period of 1 year. This means that an investment of Rs 1 lakh directly benefits investors to the tune of Rs 27.5 lakh. Let us know the details of this stock.