The covid-19 epidemic has put brakes on all wheels of the economy but has also led to new customers in some areas. Especially in the automobile and real estate sector, there are some customers who are made only because of the atmosphere made by covid-19. Instance, The way covid has made the uncertainty of life two-four, he does not want to stop his hobby of buying a class vehicle any longer, but wants to fulfill it as soon as possible. In particular, this thinking is being attributed to the rise in the sales of two-wheelers in the country.

Similarly, the number of applications for taking home loans from overseas Indians (NRIs) with banks has increased. Banks say that due to Covid, there is a thinking in NRIs that they should take a house in India as well.

PN Mall MD and CEO M Mallikarjun Rao says, "A large number of Indians living abroad have started buying homes in India for their parents or for themselves.
" Many such customers have taken home loan from us".

Due to Covid, a large number of people have started working from home and many companies have instructed their employees to work from home till May-June, 2021. This has also led to increased demand for big houses in the real estate sector. Keeping in mind this category, major real estate companies of the country like Hiranandani have announced to set up new projects all over the country. It is also being told that the thinking of buying your house in the new professionals has been strengthened again.