Gold prices soared late last week. Dhanteras increased slightly during Diwali. Gold futures jumped 0.25 percent to touch Rs 51,050 on the domestic futures market Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) during the Diwali special one-hour Muhurat trading session. Silver gained 0.32 percent to trade at 63,940 per kg.

With an all-time high of Rs 56,200, psidi prices are still as low as Rs 5,300.


A huge drop overall last week:

Overall, the price of cash fell last week. Recorded a sharp decline at the beginning of the week and an increase at the end. During the five sessions from Monday to Friday, the total fell by Rs 1,200.

The Pfizer vaccine fell to Rs 2,500 in a single day after announcing that it had achieved 90 percent results. In the sessions after that, it increased from one thousand rupees to fifteen hundred rupees.