Rating agency Moody's Investors has revealed that the Indian economy is recovering. It is well known that the central government imposed a long lockdown to prevent the spread of corona. As a result, economic activity came to a complete standstill and the growth rate slowed to 23.9 percent in the June quarter of 2020.

However, after the un-lock economic activity is recovering rapidly. With this, Moody's revised its GDP for the full year. That's a bit more promising than ever.

Moody's, which had earlier predicted that India's GDP would fall sharply in 2020 in the wake of the lockdown, has recently revised the figures. According to a report titled Global Macro Outlook 20201-22, Moody's expects GDP to decline by minus 8.9 percent this year. Previously stated minus 9.6 percent. Improve the latest estimate compared to the previous estimate.