Markets around the world are dull due to corona. The economies were severely damaged. Companies ’profits fell worse. Some companies have consistently excelled in similar pandemics. Along with good profits.

The net worth of companies has increased. The stocks of these companies have reaped profits for investors. Even the lockdown could do nothing for them. Let's take a look at how many of those stocks, which have delivered super profits to domestic investors, have risen.

1. Ester Industries:The company reported a profit of 17.64% for the September quarter. It was only 7.57 per cent in the previous year. Not only that .. the stock also rose 371 percent. The stock was trading at Rs 24.10 on March 31 and is currently trading at Rs 113.

2.Laurus Labs The company's profit margin was 7.94 per cent in 2019. It was 21.27 per cent in the September quarter ending this year. The stock value was also at Rs 64.52 on March 31. It is currently trading at 289. That’s an increase of almost 348 percent in 8 months.

3. Morepen Laboratories Company stock profit margin this year is 8.08 percent. It was only 1.92 per cent for the same quarter last year. The stock was also trading at Rs 9.54 on March 31, 2020. It is currently trading at Rs 27.55, up 189 percent.

4. Geojit Financial Services Ltd Company's profit margin for the September quarter of this year was 29.92%. It was only 14.29 percent over the same period last year. The stock price rose 118 percent. In just 8 months. It was Rs 18.20 on March 31 this year and is currently at Rs 39.60

5.Divis Laboratories Ltd The company's profit margin for the quarter ended September 2020 was 29.70 per cent, up from 24.68 per cent last year. The stock price is currently up 69 percent compared to last March. 1897 on March 31. At present it is Rs.