Indian market rallied by about 3.5 percent in October inching closer to record highs, which it touched in the very first week of November supported by global liquidity, robust earnings from India Inc., stable micro and macro data, and the outcome of Bihar elections which reaffirmed Prime Minister’s popularity.

The market remained volatile in October as it moved in a range of 11,300-12000 levels amid uncertainty around US Presidential elections and a rise in COVID-19 related cases across the globe.

Despite wild swings on D-Street, fund managers managing small cases outperformed the index in the same period.


1)Dalal-Street on a High Points to Trade.

2)Indices trade in the red with Nifty around 12,900; metals shine.

3)Buy Back Plans helps TCS to gain its shares.

4)Dates are recorded for WIPRO shares


Small cases are model portfolios of stocks/ETFs based on a theme, idea, or strategy. It is a modern investment instrument for investors to build long-term diversified portfolios.

Small cases are created by SEBI-registered professionals. small cases have brought a lot of flavor to investing as they are created across various strategies, market segments, sectors, and risk profiles.

This small case sets the benchmark to achieve substantial gain by following a careful stock selection strategy. After thorough equity technical chart analysis, carefully monitoring of the market direction and trend, a decision is made. The small case consists of 19 stocks having a blend of small caps, midcaps & large caps.

The small case consists of stocks that are volatile in nature with bigger movement prospects each way hence there is enough action.

The investor is requested to keep in mind the risk associated with the strategy. It is a slightly high-risk strategy managed by 21G Investments.