ETMONEY, the largest wealth management app has partnered with Bajaj Finance in line with its commitment to provide a wide range of investment options to investors across the country. Online Fixed Deposit (FD) facilities will be provided through this partnership. The offer will make it easier for investors to invest with a permanent return of 7.35 percent.


Indians have always looked at fixed deposits as a safe investment option. Meanwhile, interest rates offered by banks on FDs have plummeted in the last few years and many Indians are not getting a return due to rising inflation.

But now the ETMONEY offer has given millions of Indians the option to invest with better returns than a bank.

The features of this offer are flexible interest payable, 12 to 60 month term option, higher interest rate for senior citizens. The advantage of investing through ETMONEY is short-term investment security and 100% paperless investment.


Speaking at the launch of the platform, Mukesh Kalra, Founder and CEO, ETMONEY, said,

“Fixed deposit has been an indispensable option for millions of families across the country for the last 50 years.

Together with Bajaj in this indefinite period, we are offering Indians the option of safe and sustainable investment at higher interest rates. Even in this time of crisis, we are happy to do all this from end to end and from concept  to launch.




ETMONEY is the largest financial services app in the country. Customers use ETMONEY directly for free mutual funds without commission  family protection with insurance options and ETMONEY credit card for instant loans.

Growing at a rate of 350% per year, this app has many innovative options. The app is used by more than 7 million users in more than 1,300 cities across India.

The app is bringing in 500 million a year in non-payment transactions on our platform.