RBI has indicated an accommodative stance on interest rates as well rationalised risk weights on loans to retail (home loans) and small businesses. The central bank has increased threshold limit for fresh loans classified in regulatory retail portfolio of banks from 5 crore to 7.5 crore. For new home loans, RBI has rationalised risk weight by aligning it with only LTV. Considering the announcements made by the RBI Governor in his Friday speech, ICICI Securities has identified a bouquet of stocks which present favorable risk reward opportunity and expected to relatively outperform Nifty 500 going forward.

ICICI Securities portfolio's return potential is between 8% to 15% depending on duration. The investment profile of the portfolio is as below:

Investment Amount: 19,774

Portfolio initiation range: 19700-19900

Exposure: Equity Large, Mid and Small cap

Inception date: 9th October 2020

Benchmark Index: NIFTY 500

Duration: Medium term

Risk: High

Portfolio guidelines

ICICI Securities recommends to initiate in the range mentioned under Investment Profile - Offering is for multiple time frame. Short term (1month), Medium term (3 months) and long term is 6 months

Return potential is between 8% to 15% depending on duration.

The brokerage house will communicate entry, exit points to the investors through mobile and email noitifications. "Portfolio entry, book profit and exits are communicated on website and also through mobile and email notifications. We do not recommend stop loss for this unique offering. In case of change in view, exits will be communicated through website, mobile notification and email," says ICICI Securities.