Commenting on the ongoing trend, where expensive stocks are getting more expensive and cheap ones are getting cheaper, he said this always happens towards the end of a bull market, as people think they are safe, and thereafter, you have a blow-off in the market.

“That is what happening now. This is a sign that this bull market is getting very old. Several hyped-up stocks are likely to crash when the next bear market comes,” he said.

He thinks a time bomb is ticking in the technology space. “People are thinking that stocks like Amazon and Alibaba can never go down. I advise investors to read market history that they can go down and they will go down. We will have more bear markets,” Rogers said, adding that Tesla is also not a great stock at current market price.

Rogers said governments and central banks are printing a huge amount of money. There are chances that people might lose their confidence in governments and can move towards precious metals.

“People buy gold and silver when the confidence on currencies get weak,” he said.

He advised investors to stay with asset classes they know better than others. He said bank stocks are looking very cheap at present. There are huge technological changes happening in this sector. However, one should go with a bank which is up to date and modern.

Commenting on the domestic market, he said India is one of his favourite countries in the world. However, he is not an investor in India and most other emerging markets now.

“When the bear market comes, emerging markets like India will go down a lot. India has been building up debt, and I don’t like that,” Rogers said.