Mr. Market is a character created by renowned investor Benjamin Graham in his 1949 famous book 'The Intelligent Investor'. In the book Graham imagines that he and Mr. Market are co-owners of a business. Mr. Market is known for his wild mood swings and is so emotional that he offers many opportunities to Graham to buy and sell his share of business at a very low or sometimes too high prices. Although, over the short term, Mr. Market may set prices based on emotions, but over the long term, it is the value of the business that becomes most important to Mr. Market and to an investor.

Here, we should understand that market is the ultimate guru and no one is above it. One who understands this, will never stop learning from the markets. Markets can be imagined to be the sum or a mixture of all the unique minds (human beings). No wonder markets keep whipping professionals and a novice both, to give them new learnings every now and then.

Stock market is the best teacher when it comes to investing. What did you  learn from the recent downfall in the share market? - Quora

Therefore, any individual investor who wants to succeed in Investing/ Trading can also learn from experts/well-known investors who have had some strategies in their kitty that made them successful. Learning from these individual experts is quite similar to learning in a school classroom where multiple teachers come in to teach different subjects to make students successful in their careers.

Mr. Market is known for creating ups and downs in share prices but prudent fundamental investors are unfazed by these ups and downs because they are looking at the larger or long- term picture in the markets. For example, if one day Mr. Market shows up in a foolish mood, you are always free to either ignore him or to take advantage of him (buy/sell), but it will be disastrous if you fall under his influence without fully understanding the value of his business. If you can't value the business far better than Mr. Market, you don't belong in the game. It’s as simple as that!

There are certain rules which successful students/investors follow in order to learn from the great Mr. Market.

1. Self-assessing themselves and keep writing notes
2. Learning from others mistakes
3. To never repeat their mistakes
4. Have an open mind and ready to learn new things
5. Always competitive and wants to win
6. To be disciplined and do their homework timely

7. They are diligent and hardworking

When all of the above qualities are ingrained, anyone is bound to become an outstanding student of Mr. Market, even if one does not have any personal mentors or teachers in the stock market. Mr. Market will teach an Investor/Trader almost every day, provided all of the above qualities are diligently followed by him. Always keep this in mind - Mr. Market is your ultimate guru no one is above him.

Happy Teachers Day!