A group of seven islands was converted  into a large city with the introduction of various reclamation  companies and de-fortification  of  Bombay. The journey of Bombay towards being "The Economic Capital" had just begun.

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Bombay gradually became the trade link between India & Britain. The extension railway in 1853,introduction of  telegraph in mid 1850s , & the period 1845-1859 saw extension of ports 7 construction of new docks -fostering communication, & promoting internal trade & commerce.

This era also witnessed a number of banks listing their stocks in the stock market .The year 1862 observed de-fortification in the city on orders from sir Bartle Frere the then  Governor of Bombay. This year also witnessed unorganized trade being carried out in Bombay.

Bombay was connected to several nearby state towns.It attracted brokers,investors & traders from nearby cities & town.Telegraph  had changed  the way of trade took place .

The number of traders increased due to higher  connectivity. Bombay thus marched into the Glory of being the economic  & commercial center of India, a positions still holds today.